• Madrid SoyFotomatón - Nuestros servicios Trabajamos con ...


    Fotomatón para Bodas, Eventos y Marcas

    As Eventeas allows to spread your information, we have gained a good reputation and repercussion. Customers count on us because they trust Eventeas

  • Madrid Contratación de David Dominique Jazz Band  para tu...

    David Dominique Jazz Band for your event

    "Our swing band is ideal for weddings or corporate events. Through several event companies that contacted us through Eventeas we have managed to complete the work calendar until the end of the year"

  • Madrid Topics of his Public Speaking:

    Emilio Duró

    Speaker Leadership, Motivation and Business Strategy

    Emilio gave us an inspiring motivational conference at the Ceuta Employment Forum. Without a doubt a great speaker and a better person. Alejandra (ECOS Group)

  • Madrid Luis Galindo - International Motivational Speaker ...

    Luis Galindo

    Motivational Speaker

    The intervention of Luis Galindo has been significant to us. It has become an important point of before and after for many of us, not only in our work but also in our daily lives.

  • Madrid Empresa de diseño de stands para ferias y eventos,...


    Empresa de diseño de stands para ferias y eventos con fabricación propia

    Kedecoras, diseño de stands elegantes, innovadores, modernos y a la vez funcionales para resaltar la marca y productos en feria, fabricación propia con precios competitivos, diseños y presupuestos sin compromiso.